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Molen magazine:
We would like to present you my new web site. We are very proud that we discovered your web site and could create our own web site about our hobby. One of our passions is to search wind and water mills and inform all enthusiasts about them.

We thank you on behalf of Molen Magazine for the creation of this web site.
We send you our site's url, so that we have a chance to make the top 5.

Thank you very much.
Christiaan Debusschere and Robert van Ryckeghem

Dear Eddy,

I have to congratulate you, because creating a web site through CenterALL is really easy. Even a person without experience, like me, can do it. I'm just waiting for my pictures to put them on my site. I can't upload my logo, perhaps you could help me with that. I'll certainly advertise for you!

MM Agenturen
2018 Antwerpen

KBGtongerlo: Dear Eddy,

I have now more understanding about how to create a web site. I will be 65 this month and I never thought I would be able to create a web site on my own.

Thank you in advance.

Julien Hermans
2260 Westerlo.
e-mail: julien.hermans@skynet.be

Lichtfeesten Reet: Peter,

Thank you for you reaction. We are looking for a couple of years now of a means to create a web site of our own. Thanks to the Unipro representative, I got the CD-ROM (make your own site in 5 steps). It was indeed easy. We will have to modify our site a bit in the next few days, but it is, for this year, almost finished.
Best wishes
Maurits De Weerdt

KBGgewestkleuven: Dear Mr. Peter Dombret,

Thank you for refunding the amount I had paid to create the web site, but this was already settled through a KBG Nationaal action. It is nice to be able to work together this way.
We (my grandson and I) were really pleased to find out that our web site was mentioned in the top 10 of April. We will certainly keep our web site up-to-date and we will remove regularly passed activities.
The explanation about how to create the web site is very clear and easy. I hope you will get a lot of reactions from the KBG departments (we will certainly advertise in the department of Leuven).

Best wishes from a beautiful city: on the 8th of June, everyone in Flanders is invited to the procession and ... the beer festival !!

Arnold Vanhoucke


We are very pleased with our web site. I never created a web site before and I was a little scared to start it, but with the CenterALL web creator it was no problem at all. Everything was explained very clearly and I could choose between different layouts. In a word...perfect!!!

Best wishes,

Freddy Ongena
SUST vzw

When I first visited the CenterALL web site, I found a very easy way to create a web site about our journal Molen Magazine. I was very surprised to find out that my site made the top 5. I am very proud of my site and I believe I have reason to be proud, because after less than one month, more than 600 visitors. already visited my web site.
This is why I am very pleased to have created my own web site through CenterALL, without having any experience.
I also have provided a link to CenterALL on my web site, to promote CenterALL, so that more people will get to know CenterALL and will be able to create their own site.

Best wishes,

Christiaan Debusschere

Jan Vercruysse:
Dear Centerall team,
Your “web site wizzard” is just great. I wanted to create a web site on the occasion of the birth of our son Arno, so that my family and friend living abroad also could get a lot of pleasure out of this event. I don't know anything about HTML and with FrontPage, it didn't work out either. It would take a lot of time to obtain the necessary experience and I didn't have that time. Thanks to CenterALL I created a simple web site in just one hour. After spending a bit more time on it, I had what I really wanted: a good en clear web site where no visitor would get lost, which I could create and update easily, fastly and from no matter which computer. I've received 75 "congratulations with the baby" messages in my guestbook, and also a lot of compliments on the web site.
I can recommend Centerall to everybody.

Best wishes,


Vanessa Van Goethem:
I saw an attractive add about CenterALL and I thougt why not give it a try?
I have a beauty parlour, Eye For Beauty, so I could use this kind of advertisement.
Creating a site with CenterALL is really cheap and doesn't take a lot of time, you can create your site in less than half an hour!
I like the result very much and the CenterALL team answered all my questions and gave me some good advice.
Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Vanessa Van Goethem

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